Saturday, 6 October 2012

Memories at Seremban Hospital~


Alhamdulillah, today morning my friends and I managed to visit Hospital Tun Jaafar Seremban for our annual program...(maybe la coz I never expected we gonna have another program due to very the very busy this sem..hew2~).. 
At first, eighty from Second Year students of Shariah and Law course together with Second Year students of Fiqh and Fatwa actually will be divided into two groups. 40 will go to Putrajaya Hospital and another 40 will go to Seremban Hospital. However, Allah swt the One who arranges everything, all eighty students finally have to go to Seremban Hospital only. (didn't get approval from Putrajaya Hospital I guess..)
Well, for you guys' first impression, I would say I was very happy and looking forward for another charity program like this!
FYI, the main objective of this program is to teach patients about the best way for them to perform prayers according to their condition.. Sound best kan?
Absolutely, sangat best.
I met varieties of people with many characters and stories. I was in charge at the forth floor with another five students, ward for traumatic male patients..(Dun worry, they are not that traumatic, still ok..hee)
As we only have one hour, I managed to teach only two patients about solat plus giving some supports and motivation to boost their spirit.
Well, sick person will sometimes think negative about their future, so we try to change that.insyaAllah.
Besides, they should know that no matter what their condition is, solat tak boleh tinggal macam tu ja..
((Sesungguhnya agama itu mudah)) - HR Bukhari
Sebab tu kitorang cuba tunjukkan cara yang paling mudah untuk diorang bersuci dan solat..
Alhamdulillah, berjaya..
Besides, I got opportunity to feed one Indian patient..and also comb their hair n shared stories. Nice experience rite? huhu..
I've gained a lot of knowledges and experience there. 
I learnt something from the patients' stories and expression. 
As a muslim, we know that being sick is actually kafarah or penebus dosa-dosa kita kan so we have to be patient.. owez..
Allah swt loves us and never let us suffer unless He only wants us to be closer to Him.
Before balik, we gave brochures and pocket book about do'a and solat to all Muslim patients.
Hopefully, for those that we didn't have time to explain further, will read it and practice it.. InsyaAllah.
Last but not least, I wish that I will get the same opportunity next time. (Hopefully we have time to organize this kind of program again, thanks to our leader for his efforts..good job, baarakallahu feekum)

Lessons today :
1) Be patient on whatever tests U face in ur life.
2) Please don't forget Allah even in one seconds.
3) Be grateful. Jangan masa sakit ja ingat Allah, we have to remember Him all the times, ok?
4) Jangan menyalahkan takdir. Reda.
5) Banyakkan berdoa. Semoga kita kembali bertemu Rabb dalam keadaan Islam dan Iman.


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