Sunday, 1 July 2012

["Teratak Sunnah"]

Alhamdulillah tanggal 29 Jun 2012, 
We finally moved out from our hostel..
And now, we are staying in rental house..
It is OURS !!! hee~
The best thing is all the house members are 
People who know and practice Manhaj Salaf..
I feel very happy and excited..
Everyday, we spend time together..
Reading books, watching ceramah,..
And another amazing thing is, we cook together..
Many dishes we cooked such as TomYam, cucur manis, nasik goreng..
And many more..
Best sangat kan bunyinya..
Frankly speaking, memang bahagia sekarang..
Mudahan ukhwah kita berkekalan dan semakin kuat dengan aqidah kita..
Endahkan apa orang lain cakap..
Because we know what we are doing..